Steps for Enrollment

How do I Enroll in the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Program?

To enroll in the NBJG Program you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Update/Create Your Account!

1. You will need to update/create your account in order to participate in the NBJG swim test. 

2. Update/input your child's/children's information.

3. Complete the program waiver, print it, and bring it to the swim test.

Important Account Information:

  • Never been enrolled? Beginning January 2018, you will need to create a new account.
  • Previously participated? Beginning January 2018, please login and sign-up using your prior account information.  If you can't remember your account info, please email us at DO NOT create a new account.

Ready to sign-up?  Create/update your account here.

Step 2: Swim Test Tryout!

Once you have signed up through your account, your JG will need to participate in and pass the swim test.

Click here for swim test dates, times, and requirements.

Step 3: Uniform Try-On!

Uniform try-on dates will be held in March after the NBJG swim tests. This allows you an opportunity to figure out what uniform sizes your JG will need. You will need this information for registration.

Step 4: Register & Pay!

Program registration and payment will begin once all three NBJG swim tests have been held. Your child must pass one of the NBJG swim tests in order to be able to register.

There are three waves of registration:

2018 Registration Dates will be determined by January 2018.

  • Returning 2017 JG Families* (i.e. Families who participated in the program in 2017)
  • New Newport Beach Resident Families
  • New Non-Newport Beach Resident Families

*IMPORTANT: Returning 2017 JG Families must register within the Returning JG Registration window in order to secure their prior year's enrollment session. Families who do not register and pay within this timeframe, will have their status set to "new" and will no longer have guaranteed access to their prior year's session.