The Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard program was established in 1984. The first year started with 2 instructors and 50 Junior Lifeguards. The program rapidly expanded over the years and became one of the City of Newport Beach’s most popular youth education programs. The program now utilizes about 60 instructors and support staff and averages over 1350 program participants. Several current lifeguards and permanent staff members started their lifeguarding experience as Junior Lifeguards.


The primary objective of the program is to provide ocean safety and training for children ages 9 through 15.

The program consists of ocean proofing, physical development, marine safety, first aid skills, and competition. The program informs the Junior Lifeguard how to properly prevent injury and respond correctly in emergency situations. To accomplish this objective, the program utilizes a classroom type environment and outside activities to stress the importance of safety while at the beach.

The Junior Lifeguards are in the Training Division of the Fire Department. They are provided with excellent instruction under the supervision of the Lifeguard Training Captain, Lifeguard Officer, Junior Lifeguard Instructors, and Safety Aids. Each Junior Lifeguard Instructor is a certified Ocean Lifeguard for the City of Newport.

The “3 Rs”
The program also emphasizes that JGs 1) RESPECT each other, their community, and themselves. 2) REPRESENT their community, the City of Newport Beach, and the Newport Beach Lifeguards in a positive way. And 3) Exhibit RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and set a good example for others. These are known as the “3 Rs.”





City of Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Program