Division A

Ages 14-15

Minimum Qualifying Time at Swim Test: 1:35 (100 yards)

The A Division meets at Lifeguard Headquarters at the Newport Pier on most days, and provides extra safety to the younger JGs on competition days. This allows them to take the next step in learning our diverse beach, ocean awareness, rescue techniques, and first aid. The A’s really enjoy this expanded role in the program as they are actually helping and mentoring the younger JGs.

The A Division is led by John Carpenter, who has created a unique program for this age group. (We sometimes call them the “NBJG Academy”). Last year they took a boat ride to Catalina Island, where they kayaked, snorkeled, hiked and bonded with their friends. They also did a trip to the NAC (Newport Aquatic Center) for a day of Stand Up Paddling, and Kayaking through Newports Upper Back Bay along with a San Onofre day trip.



Division A Field Trip Schedule